How To Make Wood Floors Shine

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your home, wood flooring tends to do the job. But regardless of how careful you are, your flooring may lose its shine sooner than later. You will hence have to do a thorough cleaning to restore texture.

But since wood flooring is relatively delicate, you will have to be wary of very strong and commercially based abrasives. These tend to cause more harm than good to the floors, but more on that later. 

We will focus on the main issue and teach you how to enhance the look of your wooden floors. The entire process hardly takes an hour and is very affordable, so without further ado, let’s get started.

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7 Reasons Wood Floors Look Dull

Once you have figured out the type of wood flooring that you have, it’s time to know what makes your wood floors go bad. Make sure you understand these reasons, so you don’t repeat your mistakes.

1. Redistribution of dirt

This is the most common mistake that you make while cleaning your floors. You may be using a dirty mop to begin with, or not washing it frequently during the cleaning process. Many people also tend to vacuum their floors without first cleaning their floors. This simply redistributes the debris and dirt all over and makes your floor lose its shine.

2. Your floor cleaner is not very effective

Contrary to what people believe, using a cleaner on wooden floors actually does more harm than good. Many liquid detergents that contain acrylic tend to make your floors appear sticky. There are also very strong chemicals containing ammonia and vinegar available in the market. These tend to remove the protective layering on your floors and make them lose their look over time. 

3. Too much moisture can affect your floors

An excess of anything is bad, but this could not be truer than in this case. Whether you are using a liquid solution or plain water, if you throw it on the floor without any consideration, you will likely lose the shine.

4. Don’t leave your floors damp when it’s time to dry

Once you have avoided all the above steps and done a good job with mopping, it is time for the next step. However, many people don’t follow up and leave their floors damp or waxed. This hinders the cleaning process. You can simply use a dry mop to ensure a good finish.

5. Simple trick to prevent footprints on your floor

You can obviously not stop people from stepping or walking on the floors. What you can ensure, however is that your kids or your pets don’t walk with dirty feet. The scratches that are caused due to toenails and handprints tend to leave a lasting impression. Moreover, you can also add doormats outside to ensure everyone takes precautions.

6. Why the quality of your flooring matters

Now, this is something that you don’t have much of a say in. If your floors aren’t properly sealed with a good polyurethane finish, then you will have to rely on the interior wax for the shine. This is often not reliable because the waxing builds up and dominates the flooring. The pasted wax is often stripped to making your floors lose their shine.

7. How aging of flooring can affect the shine

Some wood floors last for a long time, however, you cannot expect your floors to last a lifetime without a proper finishing. If you notice a dull look, it might be because your floor is really old, and you haven’t had the time to refinish it. This is truer for homes that experience solid traffic.

Aged floors can quickly affect the shine

How to restore the shine on your floors

The first step is always to test the finishing of the wood. If you have had the same floor for years, you might need to hire a professional to access the quality of the top layer and the wax buildup. You can also scrape a tiny piece of your flooring from an inaccessible area and take the sample for testing. This may require the use of a sharp knife. So if you are unsure of that, simply hire a professional.

You are likely to get two types of results. If no clear material comes off, you have a penetrating finish that does not require any polishing. You should only wax such floors. However, if there is a clear material that emerges after you scrape off, then your floor has a solid surface finish. This indicates that it is safe to use polish.

Do a thorough cleaning

Before you can restore the shine, it is important that you remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of your floor over time. You may use a clean mop with a light surface cleaner. You may also use a sponge to reach the corners where the majority of dirt accumulates. Once you have done all this, use a dry mop to remove any moisture from the floors. You can also use a clean towel, but that may require more time and energy.

Start the polish process

We are assuming that you have already removed all the furniture from the room before starting the polishing process. This is to ensure none of the material gets stuck on your sofas and tables. You need to start from the back corner of your room and then follow a vertical path. Make sure you do a single coat first and move from side to side to ensure an even application.

You may also work the solution by moving back and forth in a circular motion. This will ensure that any air bubbles are smoothed out. It is also recommended that you work in smaller areas to ensure no part is left without the coat. Also, remember that thin layers tend to take less time to dry; hence you might need to apply an additional coat on some areas.

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Wait before you restore the room

Once you have applied a good coating, you may not want to hold back, but you probably should. Adding furniture too soon to the room may hamper the process. This is to give the floor enough time to dry off properly. Moreover, if you can, ensure that no kids or pets roam around the room for at least one day. And when it’s time to move the furniture back, make sure you don’t slide or drag anything into the room. You may use furniture pads to ensure extra safety.

Here are some additional tips

When you walk into a room with wood floors, your mood is automatically lifted, and the shine is a major reason for instilling that feeling. Over time, you may sense the color and texture fading, but that is no big deal. You can follow a few simple steps to restore the shine and make your floors appear as good as new.

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