How To Clean Greasy Hardwood Floor

Now you moved to a new house and you chose a house with a hardwood floor. Or maybe you have been living there for a while now. We all know the hardwood floor is one of the most beautiful floors out there. 

However cleaning hardwood floors can be tricky sometimes. There are dos and don’ts when it comes to the hardwood floor. Just remember most wood is still a wood (I am assuming you have a natural wood here) so it’s sensitive to some liquids. Also wood is not just sensitive to liquids, it is easily scratchable to. So we have to carefully choose our cleaning tools. 

So what I want to talk about today is how you clean grease out of hardwood floors? Maybe you have grease that’s been there for a while and it annoys you every time you look at it. Not just that, it is also embarrassing, why? Because when you have some guests coming over you don’t want to show them that piece of grease you have there, you don’t want them to think that you are a messy person, or you live in a stinky house. 

Today I want to share with you a few tips on how to clean greasy hardwood floors, and never get annoyed or embarrassed again. 

1. First clean out the dust, debris and other dirt 

Let’s say you just want to start cleaning, it’s easier to start with dust and debris. All you need is a vacuum cleaner followed by a wet mob.

However you should be aware that some vacuum cleaners’ brushes are very sharp that they can scratch the surface, therefore you need to choose wisely, preferably something related to hardwood floor written in the product description. 

Another thing to watch out is your mob. Wood in general sucks in water and the water can damage your floor in the long run. So you need to squeeze the mob before using it. After cleaning with a mob you need to use a dry cloth or sponge to suck the water from the floor. 

Now you just cleaned the easy part, if you have built up grease it should be left out at this point. Now let’s go to the next step

2. Clean the grease as soon as possible 

Let’s set this is a rule of thumb. As we all know when it comes to cleaning the earlier the better, especially with oily dirt. So always try to clean early, because when the wood soaks in the oils, grease builds up. If you act quickly you might be able to clean with a wet mob only. No need for any other ingredient. 

But that’s not always the case, sometimes you just don’t notice it, or maybe you just dont feel like cleaning every time or for whatever reason, you get the grease built up. So lets move to the next step 

3. If water doesn’t work try vinegar + water mixture

If you already have grease build up, water alone might not work. So I will assume that you already used a wet mob and it didn’t work to wipe out grease. Next thing you can try  is vinegar + water mixture. 

Just mix a vinegar with warm water then use the mob to clean the grease. Personally I don’t recommend using a lot at the beginning. Try ¼ a cup first, if it does work to wipe out the grease in your floor great, if it doesn’t add another ¼ . Vinegar works because of its acidity.

4. If all above doesn’t work ask a professional 

Until now we just used vinegar and water. I know that there are a lot of commercial chemicals out there, but I just wanted to show you cleaning ways that use ingredients almost every house has. If you want to use commercial chemicals be careful of what it is used for. Make sure that it is for cleaning grease from hardwood floor for example. Even if you get the right product, sometimes you need to wipe out the chemical itself, in other words you clean the dirt then you clean the chemicals used to clean the dirt which will make more work for you. 

If you still don’t know or can’t wipe out grease at this point calling a professional cleaner is also an option. Because if you try too hard on your own you might end up damaging the floor, remember what we said at the beginning, wood floors are sensitive. 

To avoid all of that, regular cleaning is the best tip I can give today. Some people use vinegar + water mixture as a regular cleaner, some just use a wet mob. There is no size fits all in this. Try for a few days or weeks the wet mob, if you don’t like it add some vinegar to it. 


Cleaning the hardwood floor is not complicated, but we should be careful at the same time. I believe that a clean house makes you feel great, no one likes a messy house. That’s why we need to put effort to keep it that way. For me (and that’s just me), the state of my house is a reflection of my mental state. If my house is clean it means that I feel great, if my house is messy it means I am under stress. 

Anyway, to clean the built up grease vinegar is your best friend. On top of that regular cleaning will make sure that you almost never see the grease again. 

That’s all for today, have a great day in a cleaned house. 

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