Best Mop for Tile Floors

Choosing the best mop for tile floors it’s not an easy job and will depend on which type of mop you are most comfortable using at home or office. Their is several different types of mop’s that are all excellent options for tile floor cleaning: a traditional mop, a spin mop, a steam mop and for sure a scrub mop. In this article we will try to take you though each type of mop, explain the pros and cons of each and then show you which is the best mop in each category.  Now caring for your tile at home may seem like a full time hard and boring job, but with our help of choosing the best tile mop, you’ll be able to clean in a seconds and have more time to do what you love.

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop with Extendable Handle

The O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop is sturdy, light, nimble, and a superb performer—the best in our test at absorbing spills and scrubbing stains and stuck-on debris. Its long handle is simply built, slim, and stiff. With a lighter overall weight than its competitors, mopping with it is less strain on your back. It’s easier to store than other mops thanks to a collapsible handle with a unique hook. Its synthetic head dries in less than 24 hours, it doesn’t develop a smell, and in a pinch, works as a dust-mop too. With an inexpensive, replaceable head that’s machine-washable and -dryable up to 100 times, it’s seriously thrifty—as little as 7¢ per cleanup.

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Bissell 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop

Bissel Powerfresh 1940 Steam Mop is that it can handle any kind of cleaning from light cleaning to extreme messes.

Pros – has an Easy scrubber which makes cleaning grout and crevices quite easy. Other features that make this steam machine an excellent buy are:

  • Can sanitize and eliminate household bacteria
  • Has a removable water tank which can be easily filled and cleaned.
  • Spring breeze fragrant discs inserted in the mop pad that leave a fresh and clean scent along the way.
  • Low profile mop-head that makes cleaning edges and corners really easy.
  • SmartSteam control for either light or heavy cleaning.

Cons – in spite of the many good qualities that come with this machine, I still noticed a few weak aspects like the following:

  • The steam is constantly on.
  • The swivel joint is located at the head of the mop, something I found to be quite disturbing.
  • I also noticed that the steam mop left some linear discoloration after the job was done.

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OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

The Extendable Tub Tile Scrubber by OXO Good Grips helps users who have difficulty bending or reaching to clean the bathroom from top to bottom without climbing, crouching, or kneeling. People with arthritic hands will find the soft, comfortable grip is non-slip, even when wet.

The Extendable Tub & Tile Scrubber extends from 26 to 42 inches long with a quick twist. The steel pole is sturdy for tough scrubbing jobs. The antimicrobial scrubber head pivots for cleaning at different angles, and the unique shape makes it perfect for getting into corners and around the toilet. This useful extending tool is excellent for cleaning shower floors, tile walls, shower doors and so much more. The Extendable Tub & Tile Scrubber head is replaceable.

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop claims that it makes cleaning hard surfaces faster, easier and just plain better. It says it accomplishes this by letting you either dust, mop, or scrub, and by letting you control the level of steam that comes out of it. This lets you easily move between different surfaces, and between different jobs. If you just need to clean up a spill, you don’t need to add any steam to the mix, and it works just like a mop. If you’ve got some dried on, caked on mess then you’ll need to blast it with some steam to loosen it up and disinfect it.

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We’ve given you the run-down on mops of all shapes, sizes, and prices for you to choose from when making that all important decision of what to use on your precious tile floors.

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