What does a Mop do

Mop is a resourceful tool used to clean the floor for century. It was invented by Eddy Key in 1837. To clean floor, it has a cloth attached at one corner of a stick/rod. With the help of this appliance, cleaning the floor is comparatively easier than traditional cleaning method.

Types of Mops

There are various types of Mops –

• Classic Yarn Mop (for wet use),
• Dust-Mop or Dry-Mop,
• Steam Mop and
• Wet-Mop or Moist-Mop.

These different mops are designed for different purposes and those are explained briefly.


Classic Yarn Mop

This type of mop is used mainly to clean wet surfaces. This has thick layers of yarn and on advanced models; instead of using yarn softer and smooth Wattex or fabric is used. Usually, this mop is fixed on a handle of about 1.5 meters.

Coming to usage of the Classic Yarn Mop, first it has to be dipped in the water and some cleaning solution needs to be added to that water. Later, you need to sweep the floor with the mop. Based on amount of dirt on the floor, the mop has to be used with appropriate pressure.



Dry Mop or Dust Mop

This is the best mop for tile – is just similar to Classic Yarn Mop, but its usage is different. After using Classic Yarn Mop, let the floor dry a bit. Later on, with the help of Dry-mop or Dust-mop, sweep the surface. It is also used to remove dust accumulated at corners of room.

Specialized dry mops have a thin micro fiber textile sheet with a looped yarn surface, usually 15 cm wide, and produced in various lengths in the range of 30 – 100 cm.



Wet Mop or Moist Mop

A Wet-mop or Moist-mop is a professional cleaner of surface. The wet mop is used to sweep surface of floor to collect dust like small fats, dried liquid contaminants, and mud.

This  best mop also has a flat microfiber textile sheet with a looped yarn surface, which is about 15 cm wide, and comes in vivid length range of as short as 30cm to as long as 100 cm.

Steam Mop

It’s a very simple system when you think about it. All a steam mop needs to do is heat water so it turns into steam. This is then passed through the mop head on to your floors.

This allows you to get up stains that are difficult to remove without all that scrubbing, and best of all they help sanitize your floors (and indirectly the air you breathe) by killing off many forms of bacteria that can be a potential hazard.

Steam mops are a faster way of cleaning your floors than using a traditional mop and bucket, and they actually clean your floors more effectively.

How Does a Mop Work?

Mop is a surface cleaning tool, which is attached to a long sized broomstick. It is grouping of smooth cloth pieces or fiber, and a mop is attached to one end of rod or stick. Before sweeping the mop, it should be immersed in the bucket filled with water and a cleaning solution must be added. After that, the mop has to be swept against the surface that needs to be cleaned; it wipes out all dust particles and cleans the dirt.

After sweeping the mop against the surface, take a dry mop (similar features like wet mop) and sweep again on the surface., and you will see that the room is very neat and clean.

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