Top 3 Portable Steam Cleaners 2018

Searching for a portable steamer but uncertain which to purchase? After lots of hours of investigation, here is our list of the very best hand-held steam products in the US.  It is not an exaggeration to suggest steam cleaners have converted house cleaning.  Whether you have to clean grout, floors, windows or carpets, the powerful rush of steam can cut through grease and also grime. They’re beside among probably the most flexible house cleaning gadgets.

Only some steam cleaners are handy to wear for each task though. Steam mops, for instance, are primarily created to deal with floors. Regular steam cleansers tend to be more flexible, but usually have heavy hoses and also large bodies.

Because of this, handheld steam cleaners (love hand-held vacs) have grown to be a favorite option.

Handheld steamers deliver a powerful rush of steam via a little nozzle. They’re comfortable and portable to operate, therefore are terrific for awkward cleansing locations. Handheld steamers likewise often are more affordable compared to full-size alternatives.

There are several clear drawbacks to handheld cleaners though. The scaled-down size can lower steam power and also permits them to be unsuitable for cleaning significant areas. Several of the less expensive choices can also be unreliable and, frankly, not well worth the cash.

With that in mind, we have come up with a list of the very best hand-held steam cleaners. All of these designs delivers exceptional cleaning performance concerning the selling price of theirs. When you are searching for an excellent handheld cleaner for grout, windows or even practically anywhere else within the house, you have arrived at the appropriate spot!

The PROS Of A Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld Steamers are Portable

Let us face facts; the very best handheld steamer is usually the person that’s perfect portable steam cleaner. That’s among the key benefits of them. They typically weigh around two to three lbs and are, based on the product, around a foot high. That suggests they could be taken almost anywhere in the home you want them.

Handheld Steamers are Inexpensive

One more thing that is wonderful about hand-held steamers is that they’re generally most affordable of all the various kinds of steam cleaners. Most are under fifty, and several of them are actually under thirty dollars. If prices are a crucial concern, then this’s an extremely large positive for you.

Great For Spot Jobs & Hard To Reach Areas

In case you’re searching for the most effective handheld steam cleaner to scrub clean all of the carpets of yours, kitchen floor surfaces or maybe bathroom tiles in a single cleaning, then you most likely do not desire a handheld. Nevertheless, in case you’re searching for something which is going to spot clean effectively, subsequently, this small device is best for you.

These units are usually very good at reaching tight corners. I have discovered that the majority of them will get right around the spot which has to be unpolluted – they’re that compact. And also for sandals that cannot get right around the place which has been cleaned – for example, the break between the stove as well as the counter – they’re usually effective at creating a rush of steam which will blow the trash from it.

Great For Killing Bed Bugs in Motels and hotels

Of course, most steamers available today sanitize. That implies they generate steam hot adequate to eliminate many bacteria. Nevertheless, many handhelds are getting utilized to eliminate bedbugs. That is practical. Many of them make steam hot sufficient to eradicate these insects, and they’re lightweight enough to be considered on the roadway along with you in case you are doing a great deal of touring. The way, you can be confident that each mattress you rest on while you’re going is pest free.

The Cons Associated with a Handheld Steam Cleaner

If there’s a great idea, you will see from these manuals, and it is the point that not every steamer is ideal for those tasks. Every one has its very own advantages and disadvantages. Below are several of the cons associated with a handheld steamer:

Not Ideal for Large Jobs

If you’re a massive amount of tile or carpet to clean, subsequently 1 of those steamers may not be the best option for you personally. I could not imagine cleaning a 10’x10′ home with just a hand-held steamer. Which would take forever?

Handheld steamers are just produced for small tasks. Like tile grout, spot cleaning, cleaning mattresses and things that way. Even large couches and sofas are annoying inside the neck to thoroughly clean with several of the handhelds. Several jobs are substantial for this unit.

Not Many Steam

Saying that hand-held steamers do not have a great deal of steam is an arbitrary statement. Your cleaning may not have two hours of steam that a lot of the canisters produce. You may need the fifteen to twenty mins of steam that the majority of handhelds create. Nevertheless, for some individuals, it could be inconvenient to need to refill the device every twenty minutes to complete cleaning. All of it relies upon on your point-of-view.

Not Ideal for Floors

When you would like a steam cleaner that does floors, then you’re almost certainly not planning to purchase a handheld steamer. That is since it’d merely take a long time. These units do not clean a broad enough area and do not have much handle – making them much less than useless for cleaning a whole floor.

Not Many Accessories

One point to think about before you purchase a handheld steam cleaner is whether it’s the accessories you are needing. Plenty of handhelds do not have many extras which may be helpful for jobs that are challenging. Plus a good many of these steamers do not keep the selection of extras which steam canisters may have.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner Reviews

1. PurSteam

[amazon_link asins=’B06XHXFHWG,B00MG2OOHK,B0799XCJQW’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a7dced5c-c876-11e8-a569-c5891aa1e53c’]

The Zitronik is bargain priced, and also features much more than your money’s worth in cleaning capability! While it is not the best option for frequent, rigorous cleaning, it is useful for little tasks around the home, and also for sanitizing areas without making use of chemicals that are harmful or even bleach. This updated design provides far better spill proofing, a better heater, plus an additional extension wand!


The cleaner advertises 15 20 minutes of constant steam. That’ll enable you to get lots of cleansing action between fill-ups. It sprays with a trigger button. There is a unique channel and also filling a cup for getting it completely ready for use. You will not need to keep the cleaner underneath the sink, and also you will not take a chance of overflowing the tank and also generating a mess.

This one has a complete set of nine attachments. We are amazed at the array of cleansing tools right here, particularly for the cost. You get just about anything at all you might want, though they’re not the most modern versions.

There is a prolonged spray wand, a long, pointed spray nozzle, along with an overall spray nozzle. There is, besides, a unique attachment for cleaning up doors along with windows.

We also appreciate the crooked/bent nozzle for achieving behind cabinets, under the stove, behind the toilet, along with any other hard-to-reach spots. It is particularly significant for cleaning built up grease around lazy Susans along with other rarely cleaned kitchen fittings.

The long nozzle is good for cleaning between cushions, into cracks, and also in little nooks and crannies.

The Zitronik likewise works effectively on automobiles, refreshing fabric on area rugs along with car seats. Maintaining your automobile turns into much easier if you do not need to drag a canister behind you. The lots of nozzles are fantastic for reaching into vents and also cleaning each one of those dashboard crevices.

It is especially great for all those rough grimy splits between the floor as well as the bathroom, or even around the faucets of yours. It can additionally handle tile grout, although we would not advise cleaning an entire space with a handheld option.

Previous buyers discovered many small applications across the home, like cleaning out coffeemakers, stovetops, and behind the refrigerator. The electrical power cable is nearly ten foot, providing you with tons of range. The brush plate plus towel sleeve enables you to try using the handheld device such as a mini mop on surfaces that are flat. We like this feature for cleaning countertops, showers, and sinks.

Far more than anything, you cannot match the cost, and it is pretty tough to argue with this particular product’s value for money.


It is quite a little tank, just eight oz. Additionally, it requires several full mins to loosen up. Some customers also discovered that the device did not produce steam as long as advertised. That is restricted by the container, too.

It is not the most potent cleanser on the planet. Because the heater is not impressive, the vapor does not emerge with so much strain as many other products. It is not ideal for cleaning a grill, for example. The heater is not adequate to cope with tough grease or maybe serious mineral deposits.

The contacts and hose are quite cheaply built. They are almost all clear plastic, plus some customers said they used down after lengthy use.

The Zitronik is just intended for light tasks. If your home has already been pretty clean, plus you are attempting to ensure that it stays that way, you will be good. Nevertheless, do not count on to have the ability to deal with years of grime with this particular person.

There is simply no guarantee to speak of.

2. Reliable

[amazon_link asins=’B00P84ZABC,B01J81LX8O’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d32df30b-c876-11e8-bc28-ab6af6d863ad’]

This Reliable machine is our excellent choice for hand-held cleaners. It sticks out from the package in creating quality, smart design, and power. It is a lot more effective compared to some other handhelds, and also has the resources to steer that potential for the benefit of yours. We love it, and believe it is the ideal factor light of a canister system! Additionally, the handheld format causes it to be endlessly convenient.


The Reliable is made better than a lot of its rivals. It is produced of hard plastic, with a metal boiler. Overall, it is sturdier and less fine than some other handheld options.

To get a handheld device, it is unbelievably well equipped. The Reliable has a whopping 15 piece add-on set. The accessories are made just along with the machine, with cable bristles and cushioned terry cloth mop pads for counters and windows. That is some really amazing versatility!

The brush set is a genuine standout, with 3 brushes in all. You will find 2 nylon brushes. They are color coded, which means you are able to have dedicated brushes for various places. That suggests you will not be going with the identical brush in the kitchen area as well as the bathroom.

The favorite feature of ours will be the unique Aramid fabric cleaning attachment. This’s a really good cushioned microfiber attachment for washing clothes. It is more refined and secure than the tournament. We found it worked and many steam irons!

Most additional hands held steam cleaners have rigid plastic attachments that may snag and damage fine fabrics. The Reliable protects and cushions also the most delicate fabrics. You can make use of it on clothes in addition to furniture.

There is, in addition, a unique window attachment, finished with a squeegee! You are able to work with this particular around the home, and also for the automobile of yours. We especially like it for cleaning windows on ovens and microwaves, which may be difficult to have clean with frequent window cleaner along with a paper towel. Additionally, you will not be utilizing chemicals that are detrimental around food surfaces.

Above all, there is no lack of cleaning power. The pressurized boiler tank puts out vapor at 4 bar (58psi) pressure, almost as a full-size canister system! A useful indicator light informs you of when you’ve heavy steam pressure.

The additional power implies that unlike other handheld devices, which can, in fact, cleanse oven grease, barbecue grills, and blast heavy grout. Others hold the attachments to deal with difficult jobs, but do not have the capability to back them up.

What is particularly remarkable about the Reliable is it is the one handheld on the market (as much as we know) with constant steam! That suggests you are able to top up with water as you wash, and still keep steaming. The boiler functions so quickly that there is no apparent lag time.

The cable is additionally almost twenty feet twice providing the Zitronik’s. We discovered that is endlessly handy when you are going all around the space to take on various tasks. You are able to achieve anything without needing to exchange outlets!

Unlike the majority of handheld devices, there is great warranty coverage. All of the areas are supported for 12 months, so the boiler device is insured for life!


It is pricey. The Reliable is 3X the cost of countless budget handheld steamers, and also will come near the cost of a canister system. Nevertheless, we believe it is much more than well worth the cash.

3. Vapamore MR50

[amazon_link asins=’B004UOP0GG,B07GBF576Q,B00BE02S3C’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ea59f424-c876-11e8-a9b8-9be04156a89f’]

This Vapamore is a superb small hybrid machine for individuals that want maximum versatility. It is simply no more desirable at steam cleaning than the Reliable, therefore we are still providing that model the top slot of ours. The place that the Vapamore stands apart is in its mix of a vapor cleaner and vac! You are able to make use of it to vacuum and steam separately, or perhaps to steam a yucky area then vacuum up the trash! It is a workhorse that you will discover a lot of uses for.


The Vapamore’s small wheels keep it going quite easily over a wide variety of surfaces. They are much more beneficial than you would think, and also they enable you to work without gouging right into a surface or perhaps continuously being forced to readjust the angle of yours. So long as the wheels make contact, you roll this point along your upholstery or countertops and allow it to work!

You will discover a lot of uses for this, we are certain! It is packaged with both a brush attachment for upholstery and floor coverings & a squeegee attachment for hard surfaces. Between the vacuum and steam functions, you are able to make use of it to deal with small messes almost anyplace. It is perfect for homes with pets or kids, where you’ll find easy “situations” showing up on a regular basis!

As a vapor cleaner, it is actually very good. Usually, with hybrid devices with numerous functions, a minimum of 1 does not do the job extremely well. Fortunately, that is not true here! The Vapamore cranks out genuine, high temp vapor.

Additionally, you receive the option of dry and wet steam choices, something most handhelds do not provide you with. The wet method functions nicely for soaking areas, like crusted messes. The dry method is much better for sanitizing and also working with much less heavy debris.

General, while the Reliable is definitely far better, the Vapamore is typically very good. It is an enhancement on the Zitronik, although that unit has additional attachments.

It is possible to wear, in both modes. Naturally, you are able to vacuum instantly. When you head to steam, the Vapamore heats up relatively rapidly, in under twenty seconds.

As a vacuum, it is amazingly handy. This’s among the one wet/dry hand vacs within the industry! You are able to make use of it for certainly anything at all in which you’ve certain recurring debris to handle. There is a removable container for trash, which means you are able to only dump anything out there when you are done.

It is protected by a 1-year warranty.


It does not include almost like lots of attachments as the Reliable or perhaps Zitronik. This’s the right option for many smooth surfaces, though it will not assist you a lot with conditions as stovetops or maybe the insides of appliances.

The electrical power cable is quite scant then our different picks. It is just 10-feet.

Its vapor is not as dry/hot as the Reliable’s, maybe even in the “dry steam” mode.

It is on the heavier side of things. Do not go just for this in case you’ve tender wrists!

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

And now you know which hand-held steam cleaners present the very best value for money, we need to have a quick look at the reasons you will prefer a steam cleaner in the very first place.

  • Earth Friendly. Steam cleaners are an excellent way to cleanse your house without using toxic chemical substances. As they work with steam to eliminate bacteria and remove dirt, they’re additionally earth friendly.
  • Child-Friendly. As steam cleaning does not make use of chemicals, it is better for kids. Steam cleaning is safer for pets, as it does not make use of detergents which could likely result in skin or maybe lung irritation.
  • Versatile Cleaning. There are not a lot of home cleaning devices which can match the versatility of a vapor cleaner. Many have a selection of accessories, so that they may be utilized to clean from a mold in the storage area to grease in the oven. Full-Size cleaning solutions and steam mops will also be excellent for cleaning both hard floors and carpets.
  • Cost Efficient. A steam cleaner may be at first costlier compared to many other cleaning solutions, but the moment you have purchased it the managing costs are reduced. Apart from electrical energy, you do not have to buy extra items or maybe replacement chemicals.
  • Allergy Relief. Highly pressurized steam is believed to eliminate each dust mites and bacteria. This’s excellent for allergy sufferers.

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