Reliable Steamboy

As for me, I  like steam mops and one of mine favorite steam mop for tile floors is the Reliable Steamboy 300CU and Reliable Steamboy 200CU version . It’s not so popular as the Bissell or Shark devices, but I think it’s  do the job in same quality. It’s powerful, easy to use-user-friendly, and as reliable as the name would suggest. This steam mop  is a cleaning tool you can use for absolutely all your flooring needs from tile floor to parket or laminate.

Removes dirt. Kills bacteria and destroys germs. Steam is an effective way of removing dirt and killing bacteria and germs naturally.


It fits everywhere you need it to. While there’s certainly something to be said for having a larger cleaning head, the Reliable’s is nice because it fits into tight spots easily. The 11″ cleaning path gets a decent amount done at a time, though! We also love the triangle shape for getting into corners.

As with our other picks, it has swivel steering. Where the Reliable stands out is in the ergonomics department. It simply feels better to use than the Shark’s or the Bissell. Everything’s well-balanced and fluid.

The 2 washable microfiber pads you get in the box are all you want them to be. They capture a lot and keep your tile finishes safe.

This is the only steam mop we’ve reviewed which didn’t make us miss a canister system for grout, even a little bit! It includes an integrated, bristled scrubber for grout and tough spots which does a perfect job.

It also comes with a carpet glider attachment, so you can freshen and work on removing stains.

One of the best features is the replaceable water filter. That allows you to use tap water, instead of having to buy distilled water by the bottle! We haven’t actually seen another steam mop with one included. Our other picks (and the other options on the market) require you to either use distilled water or plan on your mop conking out due to scaling.

It’s powerful and efficient. You get about 25 minutes of steam per tank, and the Reliable heats in just a couple seconds. It’s ludicrously fast, actually. We also noticed that the Reliable produces much hotter steam than our other picks. Not only does that clean and sanitize more effectively, but it leaves less moisture behind!

This is a company that makes a lot of full-size canister steam units, and that expertise definitely shows on the Steamboy mop!

It’s much sturdier than the others, even though it’s often available at a lower price. The Reliable is covered by a 1-year warranty, and we expect it to last much longer than anything from Shark or Bissell!


We don’t have any complaints about this one! Ordinarily, we’d note that our top quality pick was more expensive than the others. Since that’s not actually the case here, no more need be said!

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