Best Mop for laminate floors

When it comes to cleaning laminate floors, it is crucial that you know a couple of things. First, water isn’t the friend of yours. Probably The best mops for laminate will be dried out or perhaps cloth mops that do not put in some additional water to the floor of yours while cleaning. That said, some mops can and do use water quickly, as they rely on limited quantities to get the task done. What you choose is mainly dependent on individual preference.

As you search for the best mop for laminate floors, you will want to think about the types of mops these days – spin, handheld, dusting, etc. – and, of course, find one that fits the unique needs of yours, from budget to mobility to cleaning solution preferences. That last one may sound weird, but some mops call for using some solution.

Whether you have got a particular space to clean or perhaps are interested in a specific sort of mop head (antimicrobial microfiber, maybe?), an ideal mop for you exists. Here, explore the top picks of mine, according to a combination of cost, ease-of-use, and efficiency. After you have found you are new go-to for laminate flooring, check out the very best steam mops for hardwood floors and, in case you hate cleaning – probably the best mopping robots.

To make certain your laminate floors are going to stay at their utmost for a very long time to come, and you have to wash them on a consistent schedule. When you do not clean grime and dust from the floors of yours often, the resin layer will become scratched by all of the dirt and debris and your floors will quickly look faded and dull.

You want the tools needed to clean your laminate floor without using extra water. While these floors are resistant to moisture, they’re not necessarily waterproof.

The outer resin coating of laminate flooring could handle daily cleaning and mopping, but you are going to need to be cautious to make sure water can not get under the surface layer by seeping in through the edges or perhaps into the system that locks the planks together. Far too much water on your laminate floor is going to cause it to buckle and warp, and it’ll assuredly and ultimately ruin your flooring.

When cleaning your laminate floors, you need to vacuum them rather than sweeping with a broom. Should you decide to sweep with a brush, you’re just pushing around all of the bits of dirt, and they act as sandpaper roughing up your beautiful floors. Instead, make use of a vacuum that works on surfaces that are hard to suck up all of the dirt and dust.

Next, you have to consider selecting probably the best mop for the project, and there are many styles to at the fingertips of yours.

Laminate Floor Mop Cleaning Types

There are four main types of laminate floor mop: steam, spray, spin, and dry or wet. Each of the types has its specific purpose, as well as advantages and disadvantages, so approach the choice of one or the other carefully.

Best Mop For Laminate Floors Reviews

1. O Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop

[amazon_link asins=’B06XWGW243,B01AZLM64G,B01MA632FN’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’316002c1-c873-11e8-b1a2-69d9b821216b’]

In order to enable you to keep your floors clean, O Cedar has created a simple to use dual-sided microfiber mop.

To effectively remove grime and dirt from your laminate floors, this mop from O Cedar features scrubbing strips sewn into the mopping pad.

You are able to make use of this microfiber mop in 2 ways…

You are able to make use of it with a dry cloth as a dusting mop to pick up all kinds of dust, dirt, hair along with other things that dirty up your laminate floors.

You are able to also dampen the mop head and work with it as a wet mop to get a little more power behind cleaning up sticky messes.

The microfiber mopping pad is washable and also can be reused countless times.

An eco-friendly and economical choice, this mop is lightweight and supremely easy to work with. It is a good choice in case you wish to clean your laminate floors using very little water and as few chemicals as you can.

Pop it on the shortlist of yours. You will not be disappointed.

2. Ubesto Three-In-One Spray Mop

[amazon_textlink asin=’B00FEBARJE’ text=’Buy from Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’54339120-c873-11e8-bef4-41b9c2762465′]

Ubesto brings you a self-contained floor cleaning system with this 3-in-1 spray mop.

The mop and cleaning solution are connected to one another so you don’t need to cope with a pail filled with water that is dirty as well as a rinse at the sink after walking forth and back over your freshly cleaned floors.

Other all-in-one systems are made in a way so you can make use of just the cleaning solution they make. This’s not true with Ubesto’s Spray Mop. Only load up the 600ml bottle with your favorite cleaner, attach it with the mop and you are all set.

The mop comes with a reusable microfiber cleaning pad. After cleaning with it, you are able to very easily remove it and wash it to be used repeatedly.

The mop head pivots allowing you to reach under furniture, into corners and anywhere a traditional sponge mop cannot get clean.

A simple, eco-conscious and cost-effective way to clean your laminate floors is right at the fingertips of yours.

3. MopRite Deluxe Spin Mop

[amazon_link asins=’B00I5ZCPU0,B00WLLH108,B01BN5F4O2′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’64a02054-c873-11e8-8026-53e18093b5dc’]

This Deluxe Spin Mop from MopRite will certainly be a top contender for your laminate floor cleaning needs.

You receive a full floor cleaning system featuring a mop pole, mop plate, two mop heads, scrub brush, a mop bucket along with a cleaning solution dispenser.

In order to ensure longevity, the mop handle and plate are made of stainless steel. This prevents lingering, staining, and rusting odors. The mop handle is extendable to fifty-six inches so that anyone can comfortably use it. The mop handle pivots 180° to help you clean areas that aren’t so simple to reach.

The mop heads are microfiber and ultra absorbent. You are able to make use of them while they’re dry, like a dusting mop and you are able to press them into action while they’re wet to mop your laminate floors with no risk of scratches.

The 3.5-gallon mop bucket is 2 sided and has features which are great that you would not expect to get in a mop bucket. In the water container, you are going to find an agitator that loosens the dirt from the mop head and the drying area you’ll find a spin cycle to wring the water from the mop head quickly. The bucket also offers an industrial handle and is on wheels so you are able to move it while cleaning quickly.

These features are going to help to ensure your laminate floors don’t get excessive water on them guaranteeing they’ll have much life.

4. Dirt Devil Easy Steam Express Steam Mop

[amazon_link asins=’B002TUU2GQ,B0056B4EHS,B07659J2JD’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7939908b-c873-11e8-af9b-bd230a54133b’]

Dirt Devil has existed for a while and their name is readily recognizable with regards to cleaning solutions.

While Dirt Devil has a fantastic array of options with regards to floor cleaning, this Easy Steam Express Mop is a single that you need to check out for your laminate floors most certainly.

Featuring a unique pivoting triangular head, this steam mop makes it much easier to clean in corners that are tight and in hard-to-reach spaces.

All that you have to have the ability to clean and sanitize your floors is water. Fill the mop’s reservoir and allow it to heat up for 30 seconds and you are all set.

With a 18-foot power cord, you are going to be ready to clean your room without having to unplug although it’ll maybe feel slightly hard to stick to as it is cut a bit too light for comfort.

Some mops have to be manually adjusted for the steam to come out but not this Dirt Devil Easy Steam Express Mop. This mop lets out a consistent stream so you are able to get done cleaning faster.

The reusable mopping pad is sleek and will not end up soaked helping to ensure your clean laminate floors aren’t covered in smears and streaks. Your mop will come with 2 of these pads, therefore, you generally have one set roll.

Dirt Devil’s state-of-the-art mop will clean your laminate floors quickly with results that are great.

5. Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit

[amazon_link asins=’B01AO5YX4E,B01M4S1ZB0,B00ZLUOO9C’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’top777-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’88c228b1-c873-11e8-98de-db3a092552ed’]

The Swiffer company has been bringing excellent floor cleaning products to the industry for some while now.

This Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit is going to give you all you have to get started quickly keeping your laminate floors clean.

In this kit, you’ll get:

  • One Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop
  • Seven Dry Sweeping Cloths
  • Three Wet Mopping Cloths

The Swiffer Sweeper provides you with 2 different choices for keeping your laminate flooring clean…

The dry sweeping cloths are electrostatically charged to pick up dust, hair, dirt, pet allergens and additional small debris. The sweeping cloths are heavy and they hug the surface area of your floor to quickly clean it.

The wet mopping cloths have cleaner in them to easily dissolve some grime and dirt. The mess that’s cleaned from your floors is trapped in the cloth for easy disposal.

Both the dry sweeping cloths and wet mopping cloths are disposable. You are going to use them one time, after which throw them out. Refills are able to easily be bought as well, and you are able to find them in an assortment of scents.

Cleaning up has never been easier!

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